During the week of Thanksgiving 2019 I had some time off. Usually that is a dangerous thing, as I don’t really do much. For years, I have been running an open source social network called Diaspora. I haven’t really been focused on it any more, and decided that paying for a digital ocean droplet to run it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore.

With that decision made, I nuked the droplet. Then, two minutes later all my site monitoring messages started triggering and getting emails. The first few were expected, then the important one popped from Jetpack. The Blog is unreachable.

It was at that moment he knew, he fucked up.

So, with that my blogging adventures of the last close to twenty years went poof. No backups, no nothing that I can find. I thought maybe the last time I migrated I kept it around but I didn’t. So, that’s it. Everything is gone, and here we go again.