…and Lenny Bruce is not afraid.


So the Covid19 pandemic is in full swing.   It’s the first weekend of April, 2020.  Lots of things have been disrupted, but for us other than me not driving to work every day things have not changed much yet.   Fortunately my job is solid, and I’m staying busy during the day.   There are noticeable differences, but nothing frightening.

My wife continues to work in her already work from home role.   Hers is healthcare related, so we might get an eye into the mess that is this pandemic more than the normal household, and it’s taking a toll on her some as phone calls are coming in from the major US hotspots like NY, CA, WA and now growing to other areas.

I’d love to be able to say we’re weathering the storm, but with the idiot in chief still there, I’m hoping that someone will wake his dumb ass up.  I thought for sure as shit started to hit the fan he might not be as horrible as he is.   I wanted that Bush moment where while I wasn’t a fan of his policies, he stood on that rubble pile and America rallied behind him.

Instead, when tossed a softball question up where he could have done it, he yelled at the reporter for asking it and was his usual petulant self.

So if we survive this mess with a <2% of the US population bodycount, I’m sure they’ll say it was all the democrats fault and a hoax, not that all these people working in spite of the president at the state level are doing their best to keep it under control

Time will tell, I’ve lost all optimism that America will act appropriately anymore.