With Apologies to Collin Raye for the theft a line from his 90s hit ‘Little Rock’. It was a pretty powerful line from his song, and has always stuck to me when I’ve been in a situation where there’s not a point in staying angry, but there’s a point where you won’t involve yourself with that person anymore either.

Sunday evening while helping my parents fix some minor issues with their Calendar, My Dad told us that he thought it was best we didn’t come see them for Christmas.

Honestly, I’d already been thinking it but didn’t want to commit it to the reality just yet, besides it’s not like we couldn’t wait until the last second to load the vehicle up.

But, this is 2020.   The culmination of years of terrible government, terrible interactions between humans, and terrible stuff finally came to a head.

One thing is for certain, I will not forget how the Republican Party responded.   

I’m not some all in type of person.  I’ve never fully supported one political party over the other.  Sometimes I’ve supported people, or ideas that have priority, but I’ve never once said ‘Democrats good Republicans Bad’.   I’m a mix of the two ideologies, as I think a good chunk of America is.

But this time around, whether its state, local, federal, the Republican Party has downright lost their god damn minds.   Instead of saying ‘hey we think this is a better approach’ their response is ‘it’s fake’.   My kids are pawns in their games, I can either educate them and risk death, or trap them at home.   Neither option will give me a good result.   The kids need social interaction outside the home just as much as we all do, but going out continues to be a high risk activity.

And for some god damn reason the Republic Party has decided this is the hill to die on, that it’s fake, that science and medicine of our best and brightest are wrong, and it’s no big deal.

yeah. Fuck you all.   It’s a shame that the right people didn’t die from this disease, the denouncers and charlatans all get the best medical coverage we can get, meanwhile we’re at 220,000 deaths and climbing for the rest of the US.