I could drive 5000 miles and I could drive 5000 more

So we did our big trip for the year to Kansas like we do every year for Christmas. This is something we’ve done now for going on 10 to 15 years.  I can’t remember when we switched from driving to flying it was pretty early on.   I’ve taken that trip in a Chrysler Pacifica, a Toyota Hybrid Highlander, a Ford Flex, a Ford Explorer, a Ford Expedition and now a Tesla Model X.   We got that Pacifica in 2004 I think, and it had a DVD system (the only car) and let me tell you listening to the same six movies got really old.   The kids were too young to use the two headsets.   When we got the Flex I did the math and bought them all an iPad instead, cheaper, and I didn’t have to hear Toy Story.   Don’t get me wrong, still love the movie, but funny things like ‘oh hey, that’s Combat Carl parts that bounce off the house’ when you see it after hearing it only.

I figured I’d post some stats. Fortunately because I had an Automatic Pro on my Expedition EL that we sold for the Model X for and I have the miles and gas consumption/cost (mostly). So lets look at maps and numbers and see how things changed.

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3000 Miles in the Tesla Model X

Today marks the second month anniversary of us swapping out our 2016 Ford Expedition EL for a 2019 Tesla Model X. We’ve taken a couple of short trips, one ending in disaster. Nothing super dramatic or related to the fact it’s an EV, but a staple, and the shoulder of a tire.

When you’re 1/4 the way between Raleigh, NC and Charleston, SC there isn’t a lot open on a Sunday AM, and even less with a rear tire for a Model X. So i bought two ‘for 15″ tire’ cans of spray foam, filled the tire with it, crammed it with 50PSI of air and ran for home.

Made it to a nearby Just Tires that was open, but they wanted almost $400 for the single wheel. I had researched TireRack and a few other places and that seemed high for a single wheel tire swap. After some more research at home, ended up ordering from Discount Tire, and their first open appointment was Saturday. Ended up driving the bolt for a week, and then got it swapped out the next weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to me!

Out the door for $300 installed. They’re 20 Inch rims, so didn’t get the giant ones. About the same price for a single wheel on our Expedition that also had 20s. There’s nothing fancy about the tires on an X.

So our ‘longer’ road trip test got messed up so our next big trip is the 1100 mile one back home to Kansas. I’ve done all I can to plan it best to locate a super charger where we are ending up for the day. The only downside is at my parent’s new place in town they don’t have 240V in the garage, so trickle charge it is. There are a few L2 Spots in Lawrence, KS but Topeka and Overland Park have the superchargers. Long as I can get to Star Wars and back home, we’re good the first few days.