I could drive 5000 miles and I could drive 5000 more

So we did our big trip for the year to Kansas like we do every year for Christmas. This is something we’ve done now for going on 10 to 15 years.  I can’t remember when we switched from driving to flying it was pretty early on.   I’ve taken that trip in a Chrysler Pacifica, a Toyota Hybrid Highlander, a Ford Flex, a Ford Explorer, a Ford Expedition and now a Tesla Model X.   We got that Pacifica in 2004 I think, and it had a DVD system (the only car) and let me tell you listening to the same six movies got really old.   The kids were too young to use the two headsets.   When we got the Flex I did the math and bought them all an iPad instead, cheaper, and I didn’t have to hear Toy Story.   Don’t get me wrong, still love the movie, but funny things like ‘oh hey, that’s Combat Carl parts that bounce off the house’ when you see it after hearing it only.

I figured I’d post some stats. Fortunately because I had an Automatic Pro on my Expedition EL that we sold for the Model X for and I have the miles and gas consumption/cost (mostly). So lets look at maps and numbers and see how things changed.

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